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2017 American Pianists Awards


The American Pianists Awards are held every four years for American classical pianists. The winner of the prestigious 13-month-long competition receives the Christel DeHaan Classical Fellowship. The competition takes place in three parts including the Preliminary Round, Première Series and Discovery Week.

Preliminary Round
A distinguished panel of musicians adjudicates in an anonymous fashion the preliminary round and chooses five finalists from the recordings submitted by the nominees.

Premiere Series
The five finalists are invited to Indianapolis for outreach concerts and an adjudicated solo recital and concerto performance with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra.

Discovery Week
All five finalists arrive in Indianapolis for a week of adjudicated events. Performances include solo recitals, outreach concerts, performance of a quintet as well as a concerto performance with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

The Christel DeHaan Classical Fellowship, worth $100,000, includes a $50,000 cash award and  career assistance for two years, to include publicity, public performances, and other opportunities worldwide.


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