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The American Pianists Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that enriches, educates and entertains communities across the globe through our mission.

In the last 9 years the 6 most recent American Pianists Awards
winners have given over 2100 performances in 37 countries on 6
continents and in 41 states.

The 2015 American Pianists Awards were heard by over 300 million listeners
worldwide, each leaving enriched and entertained.

Our Concerto Curriculum brings the beauty of world-class music to underserved audiences and provides life-changing experiences for hundreds of high school students.

Every day we rely on people like YOU to ignite our mission and make these experiences possible. Your fully tax-deductible gift will immediately be put to use advancing our mission. Make one today.



    By taking advantage of a highly appreciated stock market, savvy donors can support the American Pianists Association with a larger gift that will cost them less and reduce their capital gains and income taxes. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to help the American Pianists Association while saving tax dollars, please consider making a gift of appreciated stock.

    STEP 1:
    For an electronic transfer:

    Ask your broker to transfer the shares you wish to donate to TD Ameritrade.
    The American Pianists Association's DTC number is 0188. For the Benefit of the American Pianists Association, the Account number is 922011098.

    STEP 2:
    Call the Development Department at the American Pianists Association at 317-940-8198 to let us know to expect a stock transfer. (Otherwise, we may receive the stock without knowing who donated it!) We will recognize you accordingly and send you a tax receipt. For tax purposes, your gift will be recognized the day of the transfer.


    We value each and every gift to the American Pianists Association’s Annual Fund. We also believe there are donors whose participation merits additional recognition. We are very pleased to honor those dedicated members of the American Pianists Association community who give each and every year without fail.

    The Da Capo Consecutive Giving Society was established in 2010 and exists to provide special acknowledgement and bring distinction our most loyal donors who support the APA through sustained annual giving. The goal of the Da Capo Society is to encourage consecutive years of participation in supporting APA, regardless of the monetary amount. You may direct your gifts to any area of the organization and give at any level. Every gift does matter, every year.

    The Da Capo Consecutive Giving Society will first recognize you upon your third consecutive year of making a gift to the American Pianists Association. Membership is maintained as long as your “giving string” is kept alive. You will continue to receive recognition and appreciation from APA every 5 years for the duration of your consecutive giving.

    Members of the Da Capo Consecutive Giving Society will receive:

    • Special recognition in APA’s Annual Donor Report.
    • Invitation to complimentary donor recognition events.
    • The knowledge that you are supporting the mission of the American Pianists Association, the greatest benefit of membership in the Da Capo Consecutive Giving Society.


    If you would like to check your progress toward membership or would like to learn more about the Da Capo Consecutive Giving Society, please contact:

    Sandy An
    Development Associate
    Phone: 317-940-8198

    If you have not yet developed the habit of consistent giving, start by making that first gift toward the Da Capo Consecutive Giving Society today!


    Recognition is based on the total of gifts, pledge payments and matching gifts received in a single calendar year. Unpaid pledges are not included.

    Once achieved, membership in the Da Capo Consecutive Giving Society will continue until a calendar year passes in which the member does not make a gift to the American Pianists Association. Former members can rejoin the Da Capo Consecutive Giving Society after resuming their support for three consecutive years.


    In music, sostenuto is a term from Italian that means “sustained.” On a modern grand piano with three pedals, the middle pedal is usually a sostenuto pedal. It sustains only notes that are depressed at the time the pedal is depressed.

    Like the sustained notes in music, the American Pianists Association's legacy society, the Sostenuto Society, honors our visionary supporters who choose to perpetuate their commitment to the mission of the American Pianists Association beyond their lifetimes. By joining the Sostenuto Society, members sustain the work of the American Pianists Association for future generations of performers and audiences.

    You can choose to amend the amount of a legacy gift as your estate grows or circumstances change. There is no minimum Sostenuto Society gift; even a modest gift that you designate is meaningful to our work. You may decide to make your gift an unrestricted one or you may wish to direct it to a particular program area, such as educational programs or jazz or classical programs. You may wish to make your gift to our endowment fund so that you have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will help fund our programs in perpetuity. The choice is yours.


    Become a member of the Sostenuto Society and sustain the work of the American Pianists Association for future generations. Members of all ages are welcome. To become a member simply:

    • Name the American Pianists Association as a beneficiary in your estate plan or living trust.
    • Name American Pianists Association as a beneficiary of a retirement or life insurance plan.
    • Establish a charitable gift annuity or trust that provides lifetime income and tax benefits to you with the remainder serving as your legacy gift to American Pianists Association.


    Not having a will or plan to dispose of your estate and assets deprives you of the ability to determine financial provisions for your loved ones and for causes, such as the American Pianists Association. Giving through your will can be a convenient way to leave a philanthropic legacy. After providing for your loved ones, you may decide to leave a specific amount of cash, stock, real estate, other valuables or a percentage of your estate to organizations important to you. Often a gift can be arranged simply with the addition of a codicil (amendment) to your existing will.

    While a bequest through a will is the most common way to make gifts to organizations through estate planning, many options exist:

    • Charitable Gift Annuity is a contract between you and American Pianists Association in which American Pianists Association agrees to make fixed lifetime income payments to you in exchange for a contribution.
    • Charitable Remainder Trust provides you with an income or a fixed period or life, as you choose.
    • Charitable Lead Trust provides American Pianists Association a leading interest in the assets of a Trust for a predetermined time frame, after which the assets return to your beneficiaries.
    • Retirement Plans (IRA’s and pension and profit-sharing plans) and life insurance policies offer additional opportunities for making a planned gift.

    Wills, trusts, and other estate plans can be created with the help of your professional legal and financial advisors. As the American Pianists Association is recognized as a 501c(3) charitable organization, the value of a charitable bequest is deductible from your estate, thereby lowering estate taxes.


    If you have made a provision for the American Pianists Association in your estate plan and would like to become a member of the Sostenuto Society, please contact Sandy An:

    Sandy An
    Development Associate
    Phone: 317-940-8198

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