Frederic Chiu's Classical Smackdown - Young Geniuses

Starting on June 24, 2021 7:00 pm
At Online
Posted by Daniel McCullough
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Frederic Chiu's Classical Smackdowns
"Young Geniuses: Mendelssohn vs. Chopin before age 20"

Thurs, June 24, 2021 • 7pm

An Innovative, Global, Interactive Livestream Series Of 3 Compelling Battles

About this Event

A Chiu Virtual Tour De Force!

Loved by audiences worldwide, these exciting concerts come together for the first time to a global, interactive audience, with real-time voting!

Thanks For Following The Honor Code For Tickets! Revenue from ticket sales supports the artist directly after one year of cancelled concerts. The link to the event is not coded by person. Thank you for purchasing a ticket for each person watching and sharing with friends this ticket purchase link (not the event link you will receive after buying a ticket). Thank you!

Thurs April 29, 7pm

Heart & Soul: Debussy vs. Prokofiev “A compelling, emotional roller coaster”

Thurs May 27, 7pm

Time Travelers: Bach vs. Glass “Deeply meditative AND very exciting!”

Thurs June 24, 7pm

Young Geniuses: Mendelssohn vs. Chopin before age 20 ”Simply jaw dropping”

“Intimate close-ups and interactive voting engaged us well beyond the usual live stream classical concert. Chiu’s pairings and insights combined with his globally-renowned playing, brought out unexpected revelations with surprising results!”

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