Steven Lin – Schumann – “Études Symphoniques,” Op. 13

“Études Symphoniques,” Op. 13 – Robert Schumann
00:00 - Thème: Andante
01:30 - Étude I (Variation 1): Un poco più vivo
02:24 - Posthumous Variation I: Andante, Tempo tdel ema
03:17 - Étude II (Variation 2): Andante
05:06 - Étude III: Vivace
06:01 - Étude IV (Variation 3): Allegro marcato
06:59 - Étude V (Variation 4): Scherzando
07:42 - Posthumous Variation IV: Allegretto
09:39 - Étude VI (Variation 5): Agitato
10:17 - Étude VII (Variation 6): Allegro molto
11:11 - Posthumous Variation II: Meno mosso
13:06 - Posthumous Variation V: Moderato
14:33 - Étude VIII (Variation 7): Sempre marcatissimo
15:58 - Étude IX: Presto possibile
16:37 - Étude X (Variation 8): Allegro con energia
17:23 - Étude XI (Variation 9): Andante espressivo
19:20 - Finale [Étude XII]: Allegro brillante

Pianist, Steven Lin
Performed, April 6, 2017

2017 American Pianists Awards finalist Steven Lin performing at Christ Church Cathedral in Downtown Indianapolis.
Discovery Week of the 2017 American Pianists Awards.

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