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Be a true patron of the arts by supporting the American Pianists Association. Your gift ensures that America’s brightest young pianists have every opportunity to build stellar careers. In addition to supporting the American Pianists Awards and Grand Encounters concert series, your donation helps fund community outreach programs that take world-class musicians into schools, churches and hospitals.

Now, more than ever, APA relies on your generosity. With your help, we are Leading the Way!


For special gifts, contact Director of Development Lee Ann Smith at or call 317-940-9371.


    Gifts of appreciated stock are a great way to support the American Pianists Association.

    STEP 1:
    Talk with your financial advisor about options and benefits before making your decision.

    STEP 2:
    Instruct your broker to transfer the shares you’d like to donate to TD Ameritrade, DTC account number 1088. “For the Benefit of the American Pianists Association, Account number 922011098.”

    STEP 3:
    Notify the American Pianists Association of your gift (sometimes donor information is not included in the transfer). We will recognize your gift and send you a tax receipt. For tax purposes, the date of your gift is the date of the transfer.


    dä ˈkäpō

    a musical term meaning “repeat”

    American Pianists Association honors the following individuals whose consecutive annual gifts span at least the last three years:


    Sostenuto Society


    a musical term: passage played in a sustained or prolonged manner

    Visionary donors may ensure the American Pianists Association mission is sustained far into the future, by remembering APA in their estate plans. These gifts can be substantial or quite modest, and are among the most generous support we receive.

    Although most planned gifts are bequests made in wills, there are many ways to include APA in your estate:

    • Name APA a beneficiary of a retirement account, life insurance policy or living trust;
    • Leave real estate or saleable personal property (e.g., stock, artwork, manuscripts, rare books, superior pianos) to APA through a bequest in your will;
    • Establish a charitable gift annuity or trust that provides tax benefits and lifetime income to you, with the remainder going to APA as your legacy gift.

    Talk with your attorney and financial advisor for advice on the technical logistics of your gift.

    Let’s dream together! Talk with the American Pianists Association’s President/CEO or Director of Development for help crafting your legacy gift. We will bring your vision to life!

     Already made provisions for APA in your estate plan? Let us know! We want to honor you now.


    Lee Ann Smith

    Director of Development



    Joel Harrison

    President, CEO and Artistic Director



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