Two to Tango

Starting on October 15, 2017 4:00 pm
Posted by Lee Clifford
Categories: Grand Encounters
Tags: Classical, Jazz


"The sound of two pianos can be practically symphonic, and the arrangements brilliantly demonstrate the grandeur of this music."
- The Los Angeles Times

Two to Tango

Feel the passion of GRAMMY-winning composer/pianist Pablo Ziegler and groundbreaking pianist Christopher O’Riley (also host of NPR’s From the Top) as they offer colorful, two-piano arrangements of Argentine New Tango, the vibrant musical hybrid of classic tango and American jazz.

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"These two show they understand what it means to bring unbridled passion and fire to a performance that is meant to be fraught with emotion."
- Midwest Record Review

"Ziegler's ingenious arrangements use the full range of both keyboards... melodic and rhythmic leads skipping back and forth between the two pianos... Superb."
- The Age (Australia)

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