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Message from the Chairman


On behalf of the American Pianists Association, its Board of Directors, its staff, and its past and present Classical and Jazz Laureates and Fellows, I say welcome! And, to our many longtime supporters, I say thank you! Through the sustained efforts of so many dedicated individuals, the APA is among the preeminent musical arts organizations in the United States. The American Pianists Association is consistently recognized for the artistic quality of its programs and the remarkable young talent highlighted in its national competitions.

The APA has a unique approach to identifying America's very best classical and jazz pianists. If you are just discovering the APA and its programs, I invite you to learn more while enjoying extraordinary performances that we offer throughout the year. Whether you prefer classical or jazz, or both, you will not be disappointed.

If you are already familiar with the APA, you know that there is much more to its Mission than just its outstanding classical and jazz competitions. Our community outreach and educational programs enrich the experience of each of the competitions while introducing many young musicians to truly world-class talent. The APA's story is an inspiration for all who come to know it. Pass it on.

As we look to the future, I can only say that it is bright - as bright as the futures of the talented artists that become a part of the American Pianists Association family.

Join with me in celebrating America's great young pianists now and into the future.


Stephen W. Lyman
American Pianists Association Board of Directors





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