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Support the American Pianists Association

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When you join our family of donors, you play a starring role in creating special performances in your community and enhancing the career of a young, talented jazz or classical pianist. The American Pianists Association depends on the generosity of donors to close the significant gap between the price of tickets and the true cost of producing memorable performances and creating valuable teaching moments.

Ticket sales cover only 18% of the American Pianists Association budget. With educational programs and concerts that are either free or accessibly priced, we can be successful only with additional annual charitable support.

Your gift makes a difference. Every contributed dollar makes a meaningful difference in our ability to produce world-class performances around the globe. In addition, your contribution also supports the American Pianists Association's extraordinary educational program, Concerto Curriculum. This program has reached thousands of audience members at area schools, community centers, retirement complexes, churches and other community facilities. Through the educational outreach program, the American Pianists Association provides these activities at no charge to the participating institutions.

In appreciation of your generosity, you will receive donor privileges like discount tickets, CDs, and admission to our free quarterly events, Music Matters. To find out more about how you can support the APA, please contact Milner Fuller.

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